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Making your old tile look new...

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Welcome to New England Tile Cleaners

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You chose tile for its exceptional beauty and durability. Your use of tile tells your clients and customers that you care about quality and that you are in business for the long haul.

We’ve been cleaning, restoring and maintaining tile and stone for more than 20 years. We know your tile inside and out, and we are passionate about making your business look great by making your tile look great.

Need Your Home Tile Cleaned?

We also offer residential tile cleaning!
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Clean and Restore your Tile and Stone

Your business has tile floors in high traffic areas. All day long, your customers and employees track in dirt, sand, salt, grime and grit. You end up with:

Dirty tile
Soiled stone
Grungy grout
Salt-crusted surfaces

You try to mop it regularly, but the mop mostly just moves the dirt around. Mops can’t ever really get the grout properly cleaned.

As a result, your customers can’t appreciate your investment in stone and ceramic tile. The unique beauty is hidden from them. Your facility looks old before its time.
What was clean, bright and inviting now looks dull and unattractive.

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